Class Room
Classrooms at Bishop Sargent School are well equipped and spacious. We have the Digital Learning System (Smart Board) enabled in each class rooms. Encouraging the students for creative thinking.

Computer Lab
We have a well equipped laboratory with systems connected to the broadband. Students usage on the internet is supervised by our faculty.

Science Laboratory
This is a place where students get a hands on experience to perform experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with their dedicated work stations under the guidance of our faculty.

The resource center for our students with a varied collection of books ranging from science to fiction, encyclopedias, reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers.

The talents of our students will be exhibited here in the form of plays, dance and music. It is well equipped with sound and lighting systems. Cultural programs are conducted here.

Sick Room
This is a place where students visit if they are in need of first aid. It is a well maintained, hygienic and equipped with the basic medication facilities.

Sports facilities include :
Indoor Games  : All board games, TT
Outdoor Games : Football Turf, Basket ball, Volley ball, Badminton court, Swimming pool etc..